• Shifting Gears for the Classic

    Shifting Gears for the Classic

    You might think that with the first Elite event of 2018 in the books that I’ll be shifting gears into 2018 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods mode. That’s not incorrect, but it’s not something that’s on my to-do list — we’re already there.

    In fact, the thinking and planning started as soon as I left Lake Martin. Not that you wouldn’t always be planning for the next event, but this one’s different. It’s the Classic, so the focus is even more intense.

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  • Jason Christie:Next (By Don Barone)

    Jason Christie:Next (By Don Barone)

    “Don't stop…”

    Dateline: Elite One

    “…I’m not sure but I think it came down to one fish…”
    Jason Christie
    Second place in 2017 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year 

    I am not a fan of point systems in sports....

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  • Tremendously Tough Fishing

    Tremendously Tough Fishing

    Most of the time, we talk about staying near the bait. You find the food and the fish are going to be somewhere close. Well, this winter has had such a strong impact that I’m taking a different approach.

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  • Garmin signs as title sponsor for fishing pro Jason Christie

    Garmin signs as title sponsor for fishing pro Jason Christie

    Adds four additional anglers to its 2018 marine pro team

    OLATHE, Kan./January 4, 2018/Business Wire – Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), today announced its title sponsorship of professional Bassmaster Elite series angler and longtime Garmin pro, Jason Christie. Three-time Elite Series champion and winner of two Bassmaster Opens and 10 FLW events, Christie is a leading, and perhaps one of the most recognized anglers on the national bass tournament scene. With 56 top-ten finishes to date, he is currently BassFan’s second-highest ranked bass fisherman in the world.

    “This new sponsorship reaffirms our continued commitment to being a

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  • Patient Christie Eventually Narrowed His Options

    Photo: Garrick Dixon

    By Todd Ceisner
    BassFan Editor

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    Jason Christie is a creature of habit somewhat, at least at Lake St. Clair.

    When the Oklahoma resident won the Detroit River Northern Open in 2012, he spent his tournament in Lake St. Clair, in an area near the mouth of the Detroit River, ripping a tube out of and through some grass. He caught 22-13 on the final day to overcome a deficit of less than a pound.

    Fast forward 5 years and that’s exactly how he captured the win in last week’s Lake St.

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  • Finding Productive Grass Was Crucial

    PHOTO: BASS / Gary Tramontina

    Excerpt Courtesy bassfan

    Todd Ceisner | Bassfan Editor

    The proliferation of new grass up and down the Potomac River made for a challenging venue for last week’s Elite Series event near the nation’s capital. With all the fresh vegetation, the bass had so many more options and areas to ride out the summer.

    It made practice a bit more of a task for the 107 Elite Series anglers, who tried to find areas with concentrations of fish that would bite consistently regardless of the tide cycle. That proved daunting and required most pros to move around and adjust

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  • Advanced Angler: How-To Froggin' with Jason Christie

    Video From: 

    Video Link: http://advancedangler.com/features/advanced-angler-how-to-video-frog-fishing-with-jason-christie/

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  • Christie Will Take Different Approach To Grand

    Courtesy bassfan

    By Todd Ceisner
    BassFan Editor

    This time around, Jason Christie is hoping an old-school approach leads to a different outcome.

    When the Bassmaster Classic makes its second stop in 4 years at Grand Lake next March, Christie won’t be staying at a lavish lake house with a large group of people like he did in 2013. He plans on roughing it BFL-style, just like the earlier days of his tournament career.

    “I’ve got a buddy who has a 10-by-10 apartment in his garage and that’s where I’m going to stay,” Christie said. “I just want to limit the distractions

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  • Matching rods to techniques

    You know, sometimes, it takes a little outside perspective or question to make you stop and think about how you do things and why. For example, I recently posted a picture on Facebook with all my rods pushed into a corner. My fans asked, “How do you use so many rods?”

    Well, for one thing, I look at fishing rods as the tools I use to do my job. That job might change a lot from one lake to the next, or even within the course of a day on the water.

    That’s the easy answer for why I have

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  • Beating the Baitcaster Blues Pt 2

    Last week, we started looking at backlashes and before we go any deeper, let me just say that it’s nothing to worry about. Most anglers do get better at handling baitcasters as they gain more experience, but every now and then, the wrong combination of wind, thumb pressure and lure weight ends up working against you and you end up with too much line moving at once.

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